Authorized DPS Third Party Skill Test (T.P.S.T)


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DPS Road Test Requirements

16 Years & Older:

You must be 16 years or older to be able to apply for a Texas drivers license.

Hold Permit For 6+ Months:

A 6 months period should pass on your learners license (permit) before you're allowed to apply for a drivers license. 

(LOFS: License Operator Front Seat). If you have received your learners license at 18 years old or older, then you do not need to wait 6 months.

Texas Permit:

Must have The Original Texas Permit Not the Receipt

DE-964 Class Of Completion Certificate:

You must submit the original DE-964 Classroom Completion Certificate before your driving exam.

30 Hours Log & VOE:

Must have a 30 hours log of driving practice, and a verification of enrollment from your High School.

IMPACT Driving Course: 

The Impact Driving Course certificate should be valid within 90 days from your driving exam.

You need the two hours IMPACT Driving Course if you are below 18, and 1 hour IMPACT Driving Course

if you are an adult.

If you turned 18 while you are taking the teen driving education course, you must watch the two hours teen IMPACT Driving Course.


*NOTE: If you started your driving test process at the DPS and chose our school for the re-exam, you must bring the DPS receipt along with your permit before your driving test.