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Our Driving Courses Include

A driving School vehicle used for students to learn how to drive
  • 30 miles on the Highway

  • Perpendicular Parking

  • Reverse Parking

  • Angle Parking

  • Parallel Parking

  • City streets and residential areas


A driving School vehicle used for students to learn how to drive

1- Written Exam Preparation at Travis Driving School and Instruction Permit at DPS.

2- Behind the wheel training for license at Travis Driving School.

3- Road Test preparation at Travis

Driving School and Driver License Exam

Driving School traffic signs

Our Unique approach to teaching, one-of-kind teaching techniques, and efficient program structures make Travis Driving School an excellent choice for new and/or nervous drivers. We are the only school in Texas who use driver simulator, to insure new driver safety and learning techniques.

We Let You Be The  Judge
Happy driving school student

Giselle Statham

I've been nervous about driving ever since I was 17 (that's 8 years) and the instructors at this school were VERY good at what they did and did a wonderful job in making me feel comfortable behind the wheel, as well as letting me know (kindly and patiently) what I did wrong!

I paid for the 9 hour instruction, and then to take the road test through them. I passed today with only a few mistakes - all the instructors, and examiners, were super nice and I was very prepared for the test when it came (still some nerves, but that's to be expected). Nothing but a wonderful experience with Travis Driving School - they are great for nervous drivers.

Happy driving school student

Deepak Patel

Very welcoming and calming. Took my test and even though I was nervous I was reminded to be confident and after the test we went over how I can improve going forward and be a safer driver. Love them patient and kind the perfect combination for driving school and testing! Plus weekend hours! So grateful for their commitment to safe driving service for all people

Happy driving school student

Valencia A

I came to Travis driving school with little to no experience behind the wheel. However within 9hrs of lessons I was more confident than ever that I’d be on the road soon. The instructors are kind, knowledgeable & explained in great detail what it takes to be a safe & confident driver.

Nothing better than being in a positive environment with people who genuinely like the job they’re doing. The entire experience was exceptional. They’re very organized and up to date with scheduling for both lessons and taking your road test. Would 100% recommend time and time again !!! Thank you Travis Driving crew stay awesome !!!

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